Angus Brown: Everest

Every dead body on Everest was once a very motivated person…

At the base of Mt. Everest, used car salesman Albert Bentwater prepares to climb to the top of the worlds highest peak, with absolutely no idea what he’s doing…

On a stage in Edinburgh, comedian Angus Brown makes jokes about peoples efforts, and tries to understand what makes people do the strange things they do…
But things can get a little foggy in the death zone, and for Albert/Angus, the ice could be getting a little thin.

Part stand up, and part stage show ‘EVEREST’ sees Australian comedian Angus Brown effortlessly bringing together his razor sharp stand up, and brilliant character comedy to create a unique, hilarious and surprisingly poignant show about the passions that drive us, and the dangers we’ll ignore to follow them.

Angus has never climbed Mt. Everest, and has no intention to as all his research for the show taught him it’s really cold up there.
And also lots of people who attempt it die.

The Performer

Angus Brown

Returning to the fringe for the first time in two years, now as a father of 2, this time Angus is touring with his whole family. Wife, daughter, son, sister in-law and even his mum, and spending his days as a family man, and his nights taking to the stage to talk about the realities of being a touring performer when you have small children.



Angus Brown: Everest

Dates: 2-25 August, 2019 (not 14th)

Time: 9:15 pm for 50 minutes

Tickets: £5


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